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Announcements and Opportunities


  • Janmuary 24, 2024 – Human Rights with speakers Ava Thompson and Polli Hagenaars – Register here


  • GNPHR announces a new award:  Education in Human Rights & Psychology Recognition Award. This award acknoqledges outstanding educational materials for human rights education for psychologists. See more and submit your work here: Education in Human Rights Award
  • GNPHR published a guiding documents for psychology associations that want to begin or engage a human rights committee / task force / section. Read it here: Framework for Inspiration

Blog Series – Commentaries and Opinion Pieces

Preserving Human Rights /Mental Health / Elderly

Protecting older adults with mental health conditions from abuse.Continue Reading

Mental Health is a Human Right

Call to Action for World Mental Health Day by the WFMH PresidentContinue Reading

Genocide: Evidence from Official Russian Psychology Publications

The author explores the involvement of organized psychology in Russia in the war in UkraineContinue Reading

A journey into working with Indigenous clients

Working with indigenous clients and their human rightsContinue Reading

Child Labour in Bangladesh

Climate change disporportionately affects Continue Reading

Climate Change Impact on Women and Their Increased Vulnerability

Climate change disporportionately affects Continue Reading

Women: victims, fighters, and witness

Women speak out for the disappearedContinue Reading

Make a Difference

World social justice requires attention to poverty.Continue Reading

Confronting the Legacy of Eugenics in Psychology

The importance of history in addressing human rightsContinue Reading

Promoting, Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All in an Era of Uncertainty

Human Rights Day 2022 – actions for psychologistsContinue Reading

Reflecting on Children’s Rights & Nurturing Care on World’s Children’s Day

Working to ensure inclusion of all childrenContinue Reading

Peace Education for Human Rights: Building an Open Access Repository

Call for materials for open repository of peace curriculaContinue Reading

World Refugee Day – An opportunity for learning

Building alliances with dispossessed people fosters hopeContinue Reading

When Racism Meets Humanitarian Action

Can real humanity be selective to some groups only?Continue Reading

Biopsychosocial effects of prolonged human rights violations

Psychology & Reconciliation after HR violationsContinue Reading

Letter to Mother Earth – Sorry for the Code Red Situation

What we have forgotten and what we can rememberContinue Reading

Advocacy & Empowerment for Adolescent Girls during COVID

Adolescent girls need special support during COVID-19Continue Reading

The Pandemic Highlights a Need to Educate for Equity

Call for a new education for humanity and human rightsContinue Reading

Climate Change, Survival, Health & Future Generations

Promote children’s rights through adequate early careContinue Reading

How to contribute to human rights compliance monitoring ?

Opportunities to give voice to human rights issuesContinue Reading

International Day of Peace: Peace, Enemy Images, and Human Rights

Transforming a culture of war and violence to a culture of peace and non-violence.Continue Reading

Improving Conditions For Unaccompanied Minors in U.S. Border Custody

Evidence-based recommendations to reduce trauma for detained childrenContinue Reading

Poverty and in-equality and the post Covid-19 human rights agenda

How does the new social agenda address poverty and inequality?Continue Reading

Teaching the Human Rights Foundations for Social Justice Advocacy

Human Rights Education plus psychological science can be a powerful tools for social justice.Continue Reading

Why a Psychologist Might Want to Become a Human Rights Fellow

How institutions can help individuals become involved with human rights issues.Continue Reading

Idealism, Psychology and Human Rights

Promoting Human Rights protects the world and its future.Continue Reading

Psychology and Human Rights: Holding On To Truth

On the importance of critical realism and observable behavior.Continue Reading

… On Psychology, History and Human Rights

Promoting an intergenerational framework for human rightsContinue Reading

United Nations World Children’s Day November 20 

Call to action to protect the rights of indigenous children.Continue Reading

GNPHR Commemorates Kristallnacht 9 November

We must not be bystanders in the defense of human rights.Continue Reading

General Human Rights Organizations

Bibliography – Psychology & Human Rights

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