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Human Rights Reporting / Followup

In many countries there is access to a variety of national human rights mechanisms or organisations engaged in reporting and follow up on human rights issues.

Many of these have connection to ongoing reporting to different UN bodies ( for details see )

These include organizations such as the following:

  • Civil Society Human Rights organizations engaged in monitoring, advocacy, reporting and follow-up in relation to state compliance with human rights obligations?
  • National Preventive Mechanisms established under the Optional Protocol on Prevention of Torture (OPCAT) (this is relevant only for states that have ratified the OPCAT)
  • National Institutions for Human Rights (NHRI) or Ombudsman’s office, as independent entities with a mandate to promote and protect human rights at the national level and to submit recommendations to the national government.
  • National Mechanisms for reporting and follow-up of human rights respect and implementation. These are government structures and differ from the national human rights institution (NHRI), that are independent bodies (for details see )
  • National institutions to report discrimination.