In war everyone loses, fundamental rights are lost, the environment is seriously damaged, freedoms go up in smoke.

We, psychologists for human rights, are deeply shocked at the unprovoked aggression to civilians in Ukraine. We are concerned about the ongoing violations of human rights and the humanitarian consequences, the loss of dignity and freedoms. We anticipate immediate and long-term psychological impact on individuals, families and communities.

We support our colleagues in the region, also all those who are dealing with some very difficult emotions as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. We support advancing democracy, human rights, peace and decency and combatting crimes against humanity.

We support all those who are dealing with difficult times resulting from acts of war, aggression, and political turmoil, in every part of the world.

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  1. Thank you so much for your support.
    This is a very difficult time for us. Russia is shelling our cities. Our Army bravely defends the territory. Civil people hide in their homes and shelters. We hear alarm sirens several times an hour. Tonight the Russians will try to conquer Kyiv. It will be a difficult night for us. Hope we will survive and protect our city. Russians have already destroyed different military and civil buildings, such as military bases, homes, kindergartens and even zoo. They hold Chernobyl nuclear station and took hostage it’s service workers.
    All the time I am trying to be in contact with my clients, who stay alone in their shelters, and be in contact with other if it is needed.
    Currently as the National Association we focused on the support UA Army relatives, and try to deliver as much as possible correct information about selfcare and support methods for general population. The situation is very hot and dangerous. Our main goals are to save people’s life’s and prevent panic. I hope.
    We would be grateful if you will share information about Ukraine and ask your politicians for a help. Only together in solidarity we can stop Russia aggression against Ukraine, sovereign European country!
    Warmly, Valeriia Palii, president National Psychological Association Ukraine

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