To promote a human rights-based and oriented psychology, based on the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other global human rights documents.


What does the GNPHR do?

The GNPHR provides an independent global platform for psychologists concerned about human rights, by

    • promoting knowledge and discussion about the intersection of human rights and psychology among psychologists and psychology students;
    • promoting psychologists’ use of a human rights informed approach to psychology; in their research, practice, application, and consultation;
    • providing a bridge between the global community of psychologists and international human rights initiatives, practices and knowledge;
    • supporting psychologists confronted with human rights violations;
    • advocating for the improvement of human rights application, and for the support of victims of violations;
    • highlighting human rights activities, scholarship and achievements of psychologists from all parts of the world.
    • providing a global platform for psychologists concerned about human rights issues to learn, discuss and engage with human rights issues.
    • contributing to the evolution of the human rights landscape to serving all of humanity.

How does GNPHR work?

    • Hosting a web resource;
    • Providing a forum for opinion and op-ed commentary on psychology and human rights;
    • Publicizing events ;
    • Disseminating action alerts;
    • Collating information in a regular News Bulletin;
    • Summarizing activities in an annual report.

The website of the GNPHR gathers resources, and collects current articles and news about several domains where psychology and human rights intersect.


    • The GNPHR advocates for the inclusion of human rights education in psychology curricula and post academic training.
    • The GNPHR promotes active engagement of psychologists in human rights issues.
    • The GNPHR supports persecuted and censored psychologists, by informing colleagues and associations. The GNPHR has no capacity nor funds for actual investigation.

The GNPHR affiliates with relevant professional associations, human rights’ as well as psychologists’.

About Us
In the last decades, several initiatives have been taken to formally strengthen psychology’s connection to promoting peace, social justice and human rights. To unite global initiatives, the independent Global NetworkPsychologists for Human Rights, has become a joint action of the International Council of Psychologists (icpweb.org) and members of the Board Human Rights and Psychology of the European federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA). The ICP hosts the website with editorial oversight from an international Steering Committee, co-chaired by the ICP and the EFPA Board Human Rights & Psychology, assisted by an Advisory Council with global representation.