Call for Nominations Education in Human Rights & Psychology Recognition Award

The Education in Human Rights & Psychology Recognition Award acknowledges outstanding educational material for human rights training for psychologists. Award recipients will have developed educational materials for undergraduate, graduate or post- graduate education. The award carries a certificate and acknowledgement of the course material in a special section of the GNPHR web resource. 

Materials may be for a course or a course module covering general human rights education for psychologists (materials might include a syllabus, reading list and/or examples of class exercises), for a course module covering human rights education for specific content areas (e.g. disabilities, child development, gender violence, etc.), or other examples of human rights educational materials.

Awards will be juried by a committee of the GNPHR.

Nominations Process 

Nominations are made online. Applications materials must be in English.

Information required includes: Course/module name, name and contact information for course developer, short description, selection of course materials (e.g., syllabus, reading list, exercises). Nominees will be asked for permission to publish 

Award Deadline: December 15, 2023

The recipient(s) of the Recognition Award will be announced in the February GNPHR Bulletin, and the work will be featured in a subsequent Bulletin. Award recipients must be willing for their materials to be disseminated through the Global Network as part of its human rights education for psychologists iniatives.

Questions? Please contact the Global Network