The Psychology and Human Rights Webinar Series present hour-long explorations of the relation between psychology and human rights on a variety of substantive topics. Webinars are available for teaching and learning about human rights history, application and use.

Upcoming Webinars

Rashmi Jaipal and Ayorkor Gaba –
Human Rights Through a Cultural Lens

February 14, 2023, 10 am EST / 4 pm CET / 15:00 UTC

Webinar Library

November 2022
Kerstin Søderstrøm and Ragnhild Dybdahl, Norway

Playing Together: Children’s Human Rights and Psychology

Moderators Aimee Karam, Lebanon; Marlena Plavšić, Croatia

Host: Merry Bullock, USA/Estonia

September 2022
Janel Gauthier, Laval University, Canada
Carole Sinclair, Canada

Human Rights and Psychological Ethics: Working Together for a Better World

Moderators Elisón Santos, Brazil; Marlena Plavšić, Croatia

July 2022
Saths Cooper, South Africa

Psychology and Human Rights Through the Ages

Moderators Tony Wainwright, UK; Marlena Plavšić, Croatia

July 2022
Ulrich Wagner, Germany

Flight and Human Rights

Moderator Tony Wainwright, UK

March 2022
Silvia Canetto, Italy/USA
Shawn Burn, USA

Women and Human Rights: Concepts, Debates and Implications for Psychology

January 2022
Nora Sveaass, Norway
Mike Wessells, USA

Human RIghts: How Do They Matter for the Profession of Psychology?


  1. This shall be an interesting opportunity for me to grow my knowledge base in the humanitarian space a mental health practitioner

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  13. Thank you for the informative webinar on how psychologists can observe human rights as they work with their various clients. I particularly appreciate the talk of Dr. Mike Wessells on psychologists being mindful of child rights.

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  14. How do we get the certificate?

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