Human rights groups within Psychology associations
Minutes of inaugural meeting February 17th 2022


Gabe Twose, APA, international affairs, social psychologist, Human Rights Task Force,
Elaine Rogers, Limerick, Ireland, clinical psych, disability rights, Psychology Society of Ireland Human Rights section
Ian Miller, clinical psych, Psychology Society of Ireland Human Rights section
DJavila Ho, Jamaica, clinical Psych. Acting President of the Jamaican Psychological Society
Derek Indoe, BPS, clinical & forensic psych, BPS Steering Group on Human Rights
Emmanuel Villoria Hernani, clinical psych, Philippines,
Tony Wainwright, for the GN Steering Group
Polli Hagenaars, for the GN steering group
Marc Eric Reyes, President Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP)

We had a useful exchange of information about the work going on in our respective associations. The meeting warmly welcomed all the initiatives that are in progress but noted how much more needs to be done. Over the coming months we hope to work together to enhance this work globally through collaborating and information exchange.
The Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights (GN) has a symposium series in progress and there are opportunities to post blogs and contribute to the monthly bulletin

1.     Preliminary results of the GN survey were presented. Awaiting for more responses, especially from South America. In summary we have had 31 psychology associations respond, the majority engaged in hr work. Few have groups specifically on this topic.

2.     The British Psychological Society  HR group. The work is intended to cover a number of areas:
a.     Anti-racism, including our own history.
b.     We have a strategic board on equality, diversity and inclusion.
c.      The HR advisory group will be a partner of the strategic board.
d.     Activities have included: human rights,psychology and… climate change; South America and indigenous people, conversation with N-Ireland about child mental health.

3.     Philippines Association
a.     We touch on HR LGBTIQ+ spec interest group, position papers, working with local governments
b.     Rights of indigenous peoples, child protection
c.      Equal mental health services for everyone

4.     Jamaican Psychological Society
a.     Not a formal setup yet
b.     Partnership with LGBTIQ+ group; training
c.      Updated Disabilities Act
d.     To serve better the population of people with hearing disabilities
e.     Partnership with societal organisations is important

5.     APA Human Rights Office
a.     HR related work, women, LGBTIQ+, public interest, social justice
b.     HR TF report and a resolution for Council
c.      Staff team, domestic human rights
d.     Gabe, international HR
e.     Membership perspective: 130.000-ish, Council, interest group on international HR perspectives
f.      Recommendations, see report APA

6.     Ireland Special Interest Group on HR
a.     Trying to shape legislation
b.     Spec. interest groups, equality group,
c.      Working on a HR position paper
d.     Disability groups, different groups
e.     Relations with societal Groups
f.      Canvas our members,
g.     Thanks for recent books  , much in legal rights, in need of transformational language, PSI, how to manifest in the domain of HR?

7.     Global Network Psychologists for Human Rights
a.     Started in the EFPA Board Human Rights & Psychology
b.     Need to going global
c.      Expert meeting Human Rights Education for Psychologists at the Global Campus in Venice (2016) was a start for the book on HR Education for psychologists
d.     In Jamaica birth of the Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights (with Merry Bullock)
e.     Every month a Bulletin, special attention for International Days: in March Women’ Day, in May World Earth Day, in June Living in Peace together.
f.      Need of more global input and cooperation: Blogs, stories, publications, events
g.     Series of Webinars planned

8.     New meeting, every other meeting changing from early to late, every two months to cater for different time zones – work in progress.
a.     Tony will send invitation
b.     Page on the website
c.      Please email the links of your group
d.     Contact other groups and invite them
e.     Global Psychology Alliance; APA Gabe informs about our group

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