How have you taught about human rights in your psychology courses?

  • Have you taught a course on psychology and human rights?
  • Have you incorporated human rights issues or documents into your courses?

The Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights (GNPHR) is developing a curriculum, materials and syllabi database useful for exploring the intersection of psychology and human rights in classes in psychology and related areas.

Web resource for teachers of psychology at the graduate and undergraduate levels

  • examples of human rights issues relevant to psycholgoy in vignette form
  • course readings
  • sylalbi
  • classroom exercises, activities and assignments
  • lecture notes

If you include human rights documents, principles and/or examples in your psychology course and are willing to share with your colleagues around the world, we invite you!!

Here are some examples of human rights issues that we have undertaken in our courses, as illustrations.

  • Including references to the Declaration on the Rights of the Child in developmental psychology courses when discussing parenting
  • Scaffolding students through a simple analysis of the psychological constructs in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
  • Designing course assignments to helping students connect their own personal experience to human rights concepts

The information we collect will be compiled and housed on the GNPHR website. All materials will be open access. All contributions will be credited/attributed.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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