SC7 Residents are invited to attend an informational webinar with the City of Boulder about the CU Boulder South development proposal.
This is your opportunity to be able to ask questions about the development and to voice your opinion and concerns to the city planners.

To join the meeting  CLICK HERE
Join by phone: 346 248 7799
Meeting ID: 952 1415 5066
Passcode: 200044

The proposed CU South Development will affect our neighborhood – this is your opportunity to join discussion with your neighbors and the city

Here are some questions that residents have suggested:

CU South is a major floodplain for Boulder. Building on it will affect this function.

    • How much will flood mitigation cost? Who will pay?
    • How much will it cost to move CU’s tennis courts and various storage buildings? Who will pay?
    • Why should Boulder pay for CU’s mistakes when both the city and county told them NOT to put tennis courts in the floodplain.
    • How will Tantra Lake be affected by flood mitigation for Fraiser Meadows?
    • What is being done to protect us from flooding? (as far as many know, the current answer is “nothing”).

Public use of the property

    • Will there be open range hiking?
    • Will there be an off leash dog park?

Traffic Concerns when massive housing and campus building arrive

    • What about traffic? Vehicle trips per day will triple, so why does the draft study state that the impacts will be minimal.
    • How will you prevent the 2,000 – 3,000 new residents from using Tantra Drive all the time?
    • Where will  truck traffic (and there will be a lot of it)? On Tantra Drive?

Why aren’t CU and City council considering alternative campus locations?

SC7HOA page with information:
Save South Boulder website: https://www.savesouthboulder.com