The Interamerican Society of Psychology Human Rights Commission

Wilson López López, Laura Cano Sierra, Javeriana University
Commission member

Alfonso Urzua, the president of the Interamerican Society of Psychology (ISP), called the Human Rights Commission of the ISP to integrate the human rights perspective into the Psychology field.

Psychologist Francisca Beatriz Pesse-Hermosilla will be the coordinator of the commission. Pesse-Hermosilla has been working for more than 20 years in Human Rights in Chile. Pesse-Hermosilla is a writer about tortures and healing in cases of violation of Human Rights in Chile.  She has worked toward public policies in Chile. Marianela Denegri-Coria will attend the commission as well. Denegri-Coria is the director of the Human and Social Science and Technology Center. Denegri-Coria is also the Director of the Center of Excellence in Economic Psychology from the La Frontera University in Chile. Wilson López-López will be part f the commission as well. López-López is a professor at Javeriana University where he has worked in behavioral social analysis. López-López has researched Armed Conflict, human rights, and peace. Another two professionals who have been welcome to the commission are Luis Mario Castellanos Doctor of Psychology Candidate from La Frontera University in Chile and Laura Cano Sierra who is a Graduate of Psychology from Javeriana University.

There are two objectives for the Commission. First, to promote continuing education, research, and psychological intervention in Human Rights. Second, to promote a place to establish dialogues for the development of Human Rights. Third, to show the evidence of human rights violations. Therefore, the contribution of the Commission is to promote, educate, and action toward human rights taking into consideration the Interamerican Society of Psychology perspective in the region.