Network of Human Rights and Psychology Groups

Date and time:  20:00 – 21:30 CET 14.09.2023


Date and time:  20:00 – 21:30 CET 14.09.2023

In attendance: Tony Wainwright, Derek Indoe,  Polli Hagenaars, Elaine Rogers, Hanlie van Wyk, , , Kaori Wada, Iva Zigura, Alan Kessedjian, Shakiba Moghadam

Apologies: Gabriel Twose, Lea Jabbarian, Richard Plenty, Debora Di Scala.

  1. Welcome and introductions:
    1. The group members described their work and welcomed Kaori, Alan and Shakiba to their first meeting of the group. Kaori is a faculty member in psychology at the University of Calgary. While not representing any psychology organisation, Kaori sits on the Social Justice and Human Rights Committee in the Canadian Psychological Association. Alan and Shakiba are co-chairs of the British Psychological Society Human Rights Advisory Group.
  2. Minutes of last meeting (March 2023) accepted as accurate account.
  3. Points from last meeting for further discussion
    1. Framework for inspiration –available online . We discussed how we might share this most effectively. Agreed that all would circulate the link and contact member associations to have the link available on their websites. Also other organisations that might consider it relevant to their work. For example the UNHCR. Particularly organisations with networks that could communicate about it. This also applies to the GN Bulletin.
    2. Continue discussion on how we support colleagues and others in challenging circumstances – use of social media e.g. Instagram. This was deferred to the next meeting when Lea will be able to report back on her discussions with the APA.
  4. Presentation by Polli on Ethics and Human Rights. The PowerPoint can be downloaded from the website.
  5. Update from Associations on their HR work. Those present gave an update on the work of their Associations. Links to the organisations websites are:
    1. APA Human Rights information
    2. BPS Human Rights information
    3. Croatia Human Rights information
    4. The Netherlands Human Rights information
    5. Canadian Psychological Association Social Justice and Human Rights Committee where you can download their newsletter.
    6. Psychological Society of Ireland Special Interest Group in Human Rights and Psychology
  1. Future plans
    1. Presentations have been shifted by one meeting as the one in June 2023 was cancelled.
      1. Thursday 14th December 2023  – Elaine will present on Disability Rights
      2. 14th March 2023  – Iva will present on LGBTQ+ rights
  • Other possible topics include Restorative Justice in Ukraine / Russia.
  1. Ideas for collaborative projects.The group discussed that collaborative projects would emerge from the presentation topics above.

Date and time of Next meetings


Thursday 14th December 1.00 pm (CET)

Thursday 13th June 20.00 (CET)

Thursday 12th September 1.00 pm (CET)

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