Psychology needs Human Rights / Human Rights Need Psychology

Human Rights and Psychology are each at the core of the search for a just and human world.

  • Just think: what would Human Rights advocacy be without a thorough understanding of human emotions, thoughts, behaviors, goals, values, and motivation?
  • And reflect how psychological science is enhanced when it takes Human Rights as the prime matrix directing our observations, reflections, planning and implementation?

When Human Rights meet Psychology we can achieve an ultimate connectivity between knowledge, health, well-being, safety and justice.  

Science, tools for interventions, and commitment for improvement are at the core of psychology.  When Psychology embraces Human Rights, it provides insights for understanding many challenges across populations and individuals. Psychology is enhanced to inform collective actions that advance social justice and inform public policies worldwide.

The Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights is the platform to value, advocate and contribute to this perfect partnership!

How interesting, challenging and exciting to be part of this global movement!