Psychology for human rights: Human Rights Education

Author: Saths Cooper

This sets the context for the importance of this book and how human rights education for psychologists is needed now more than ever.

Why we must say no to torture: Report by the Association for the Prevention of Torture 2007

Preface by the editors: Human rights are for all

This describes the origins of the book in the experiences the editors have had over the years in their work with people whose human rights were at risk of being violated or were already violated. They describe the various backgrounds from which they come and the different angles from which they approached the task. They acknowledge the inspiration they drew from Professor Robert Roe, past president of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations, and to whom the book is dedicated. Robert passed away in February 2016.

Amartya Sen Sen, A. (2005). Human rights and capabilities. Journal of Human Development, 6(2), 151–166