The GNPHR welcomes submissions to its blog/commentary series on issues at the intersection of psychology and human rights. As one of the major aims is to provide context and opinion on numerous issues relevant to the Mandate of the Global Network and to promote both professional and public engagement, we suggest that all efforts are made to keep each blog as clear and accessible as possible avoiding where possible over-technical language.

Below is a set of guidelines for submissions.

  • Blog Articles should, in general, be 500-1000 words in length
  • Each article should clearly identify the issue at hand and explain the psychology/human rights connection. This may be by noting how a psychological perspective might make the issues more clear, or how psychological science is important for finding a solution; or it might simply raise issues that arise from applying a psychological or a human rights lens.
  • Please always keep in mind that you are writing for the public at large, and not just for those who share your expertise.
  • Some useful techniques: Use personal experience to demonstrate how various issues are relevant and pertinent to the public in a wider context; along the same lines, stories and personal accounts are an effective way of connecting to people; link the issues to relevant studies and articles.

All blogs will be subject to approval and editorial oversight by the Blog Series editorial team.


Examples of Blog/Commentaries:

Commentary: Human Rights Challenges (Neal Rubin, USA)

Commentary: Basic Human Rights in Situations of Emergency (Nora Sveass, Norway)


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