APA’s Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology (CDIP) webinar, Health and Psychosocial Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on People with Disabilities, is now on the APA website. Please check out the links below and feel free to share with your networks. Webinar: https://www.apa.org/topics/covid-19/impact-disabilitiesContinue Reading

Commentary: By Polli Hagenaars, The Netherlands [1] It is apparent that not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide, protests are on the rise and are strongly politicised as is the Covid-19 pandemic. While our hearts bleed, thinking of the family and friends of George Floyd, of the fear and anger ofContinue Reading

Thoughts about the human rights challenges we confront in the fog of the war with the Corona Virus Commentary by Neal S. Rubin, PhD, ABPPApril, 2020 Given my interests in human rights, I find myself thinking about some of the moral and ethical challenges we are grappling with today asContinue Reading

Commentary by Polli Hagenaars We are worried about the ongoing corona crisis. We are worried about our loved-ones, about people around us, and about of those in vulnerable situations. We think of the refugees in Syria, at the Turkish borders, at the Mexican/US borders and elsewhere, of those on the move, of peopleContinue Reading

Vulnerable groups, like elderly people, refugees, children.  A Canadian colleague wrote: ‘Like many others at the present time, I am quite consumed with the effects the COVID-19 is having. Yet, I am mostly worried about the life of many vulnerable groups. At this time in particular, I am concerned about those individualsContinue Reading

Commentary by Nora Sveaass Commentary by Nora Sveas In situations of emergency and crisis there is a need for measures and arrangements set up for the common good, including altering and setting limitations to what is considered regular rights and routines in our daily lives. Emergencies may therefore give rise toContinue Reading