Adam R. Pearson, Corinne G. Tsai, Susan Clayton (2021)
Ethics, morality, and the psychology of climate justice,
Current Opinion in Psychology, Volume 42, Pages 36-42,
ISSN 2352-250X,

Climate change is increasingly understood as a social justice issue by academics, policymakers, and the public; however, the nature of these perceptions and their implications for cooperation and decision-making have only recently begun to receive empirical attention. We review emerging empirical work that suggests that morality and justice perceptions can serve as both a bridge and a barrier to cooperation around climate change and highlight two critical areas for future development, identifying psychological processes that promote and impede climate vulnerability and that enhance equity in the design and implementation of climate solutions. We argue that conceptualizing climate justice as a multidimensional process addressing both social and structural barriers can stimulate new psychological research and help align disparate approaches within the social sciences.
Keywords: Morality; Climate justice; Social psychology; Procedural justice; Distributive justice; Climate adaptation

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