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Dear GNPHR Advisory Committee –

We hope that you have received the latest (March) GNPHR Bulletin sent from our new system for sending posts. You may also read it online:

We are now writing to you with a number of relevant GNPHR things. We are relying on you, as Advisory Council members, to help us develop the GNPHR to a resource for us all.

  1. As you know, we are developing an active blog (opinion piece) series. One set of topics is on general human rights issues; another is on human rights education; a third is on strategies for raising the profile of human rights within one’s institution or professional life; and a last one is to focus on the perspective of students and their needs in learning about and addressing human rights. We invite you to contribute to the blog series!!
    You can send ideas for blogs and/or draft blogs (up to 1000 words, but closer to 500 is ideal) to
  2. A second role we hope you will play is to send news / information / events about relevant human rights activities or issues for publication in the GNPHR Bulletin (newsletter) that comes out monthly. The deadline for material is the 10th of each month. And if you would like a little more involvement, we are also looking for regional editors who will collect content from their region.
  3. We are developing a bibliography database of written materials on HR and psychology. We ask you to send citations (APA style) to for inclusion. If you care to, you can also include a couple of sentences of annotation about the material – why its especially relevant, important, etc.
  4. As the advisory committee we hope that you will become involved in the development of the website according to your interest. There is a long list of content areas, each of which needs an editor (to gather bibliographic material, list events, draw attention to issues). Please see if there is an area that would interest you!! (see )
  5. As the HR and Education section gets developed, we are trying to gather curricula & courses listings for HR relevant training for psychologists. Please send your materials to the HR and Education section here:
  6. Are you a student? Do you know students? We are trying to involve students in the GNPHR in two ways – writing for the blog series “students’ perspectives on human rights” and joining a listing/forum of students whose dissertation (masters of PhD) addresses human rights issues. Please let us know at
  7. Do you supervise students? The GNPHR has gotten inquiries from Masters and PhD students who are interested in writing human rights relevant psychology theses/dissertations. Please let the co-chairs know if you are interested in supervising student work.
  8. We are planning a webinar series as part of the HR and psychology education section!! What topics would you like to see? Whom would you like to hear from? Please let us know.
  9. Last, we are going to begin fundraising to be able to support the technical development of the GNPHR and later to support projects. If you know of foundations or funders who might be especially relevant to psychology and human rights please let us know.
  10. And last, one of the GNPHR co-founding organizations, the International Council of Psychologists, is having a virtual conference in October. As part of that there will be a “Human Rights Celebration”. Last year a content focus was the missing and murdered indigenous women (with a short informational piece, music and personal stories). What focus should we have this year? We were considering displacement or displaced peoples, but wanted to ask you, as experts, what you see as a pressing human rights issue for raising awareness among psychologists. Please send your ideas to for the 2021 ICP conference.
With very best regards --
Merry Bullock and Polli Hagenaars, Co-Chairs, GNPHR Steering Committee
Thanks for reading. See you soon!