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This email is coming to you with a specific, concrete and time-sensitive request.

The GNPHR had planned a discussion/roundtable for the ICP2020 conference in Prague. It is now going to be presented as a virtual presentation – a challenge! Our goal is to make people aware of the GNPHR and to raise some excitement about its potential and interest in joining the network and being engaged.

We are planning to introduce the GNPHR, show the short video made for the GNPHR launch and supplement it with more personal comments from members of the steering committee and advisory council. The intent of this is to show the breadth and geographical diversity of those already involved with the network and to reiterate importance of HR for psychology and psychology for HR.

Here is what we are asking you to do:

Please make an up to 2 minute video of yourself. Introduce yourself as a member of the GNPHR Advisory Council, say where you are from, and indicate your human rights focus. End, if you like with one statement about why HR is important to psychology.
You can make the video on your phone (please use LANDSCAPE orientation!) or you can record yourself on ZOOM.
Please send the resulting .mp4 file to us at by end of the day on Friday of this week!!!

We will then put the videos together with the introductory piece and send it to ICP as the GNPHR round table.

And make this easy on yourself – don’t delay!! Make your video now – thank you SO MUCH

Merry Bullock, on behalf of the GNPHR Steering Committee
Thanks for reading. We look forward to your recording.