Dear colleagues,
This survey is being undertaken on behalf of the Steering Committee of the Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights to gather information on the links and engagement that professional associations of psychologists have with the different national mechanisms and organisations that report and follow-up on human rights issues. The goal is to better understand the role of psychology and psychologists.

This survey follows from some discussions on the wide variation of engagement in this important area of practice.

The questions are to help us understand how psychology associations around the world currently connect with the formal human rights systems in their countries, or in the case of international federations, how they engage with these issues.

Please leave an email address if you are willing to be contacted for follow up questions.

Many thanks for your help,

On behalf of the Global Network Steering Group

Please continue to complete this form but also be aware there will be a second questionnaire directly from EFPA that will repeat some of these questions but also add others. Thank you!!

Human Rights Activities in Your Association

Human Rights Structures in Your Association

Human Rights in Association Documents

Reporting Human Rights Concerns to Your Association

Human Rights Reports to National and International Bodies

Human Rights Reporting / Followup

In many countries, there is access to a variety of national human rights mechanisms or organizations engaged in reporting and follow-up on human rights issues.

Many of these have connections to ongoing reporting in different UN bodies (for details see

These include organizations such as the following:

  • Civil Society Human Rights organizations engaged in monitoring, advocacy, reporting and followup in relation to state compliance with human rights obligations
  • National Preventative Mechanisms established under the Optional Protocol on Prevention of Torture (OPCAT)
  • National Institutions for Human Rights or Ombudsman offices, as independent entities with a mandate to promote human rights at the national level and to submit recommendations to the national government.
  • National Mechanisms for reporting the followup of human rights respect and implementation. These are government structures.
  • National Institutions to report discrimination